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​What is Altiris?

Symantec's Altiris is a very lightweight, enterprise, application that assists mid to large organizations more quickly and effectively manage complex software licensing compliance (for University-owned software).

What does it do?

       Altiris will allow us to:

  • More quickly support software upgrades and patches for our end users;
  • Help ESU better ensure we are meeting licensing compliance for the many types of software needed across campus;
  • More quickly deploy new and reloaded computers;
  • Provide a more digitally secure environment for our campus computers;
  • Bring ESU into alignment with state and federal information security guidelines, addressing an issue raised in our Legislative Post Audit for Information Security.​

Why do we need it?

Emporia State has over 3,000 computers to keep patched and up to date.  Altiris will help with patch and software management.

How will it impact me?

The installation will not impact you (may ask you to reboot) and the footprint is small enough that it will not impact your computer's processing or memory capabilities.

Will this be installed on my home computer too?

This utility will only be installed on ESU-owned Windows and Mac computers.

What does it cost?

Altiris is part of our Symantec agreement, and there is no additional cost to the university.

Will software be installed, or upgraded, on my computer without my knowledge?

No. It is possible that, in some circumstances, certain security patches will be installed with limited notice however IT will always communicate those changes to campus. ​