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OnBase: OnBase is a software that houses blank and completed digital forms. These forms can be stored for later reference or submitted through a workflow and tracked electronically. The forms in the system are used for a variety of reasons. Some forms are sent from one user to another for signatures and approval while others are stored and referenced for future use. All faculty, staff, and student employees can have access. Form access can be limited as needed. To request access to OnBase email

University Forms: These forms are located here and house a variety of digital, manual, and route forms. Forms open in InfoPath or OnBase. InfoPath is a part of Microsoft Office and it is used for designing, distributing, filing and submitting electronic forms. These forms can be filled out by anyone.

DAC Forms:  DAC forms are located here. These forms are filled out by the Data Access Coordinator (DAC) for each department. A DAC is an individual assigned to manage access and permissions for various IT resources for a department, committee or team. Not sure who your DAC is? Click here to locate.

What do I use a DAC form for?

  • Request a W Drive folder
  • Request or change access to an email distribution list

User Account Forms: Forms are located here. These forms can be filled out by faculty, staff or students.

What do I use a User Account Management Form for?

  • Request a new generic account
  • Changing an existing username or last name
  • Request a Google email account for a retired employee
  • Grant access to an email account or calendar
  • Request access for a vendor
  • Request or change access for a student, employee, visitor, or volunteer