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SkyPrint Top 10 things to know
  1. Prints cost $.08 per page (get twice the bang for you buck by printing duplex)
  2. You can send in Print Jobs off-campus using SkyPrint's Web Print feature
  3. $8 or 100 free pages in Print Jobs to every student
  4. Add Money though the Web Page using your credit or debit card or by SkyPrint Credits from MU ID Office
  5. Jobs remain in the queue for 24 hours before being automatically deleted
  6. Release Jobs from any SkyPrint Station
  7. Job prices will be displayed before print the job
  8. SkyPrint Stations are located in Richel Lab, Nursing Library, MU, WAW Library, and the Towers
  9. Print Jobs can be cancelled by logging in to SkyPrint web.
  10. Jobs will not begin printing without sufficient funds.