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  • Each slude must use a ​16:9 aspect ratio (ex. 1920 x 1080). If you're not sure, we've provided sample templates below that you may modify and use for yourself.
  • IT recommends Adobe Photoshop for the creatation of your slides. Each slide must be unploaded as a PNG formated file. you may creat it using any tool, however the final slide must be in PNG format.
  • You MUST include dates of publication and the date in which you would like it to be taken down, when submitting your content.
  • Please ensure that all slides containing licensed or registered trademarks conform to their prescribed usage and that you have authoruization to use them. For guidelines related​​ to ESU specific graphics, please s​ee here.​
  • Content must be related to ESU sponsored activites and events. The Director of Marketing may review content for relevance.