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​​What is Sky?


At the heart of any system is server hardware, networking equipment and operating systems, but what makes the system work--what brings the functionality to you, the user, is the software. Sky is a collection of different software services, powered at its core by Microsoft SharePoint.  SharePoint provides the foundational layer that let's all of the various services be built, customized and delivered both on campus and off and across all types of devices.

​Sky itself is unique to Emporia State University.  It has been built fully in-house by IT and customized for our students, faculty, and staff.  Below are a few of the services built using SharePoint, and in conjunction with other software, provide a wide spectrum of functional services.




​​SkyLab is ESU's online virtual computer lab.  Students, faculty, and staff can get access to the same services and most of the same software available on campus from almost any Internet-connected device.  Custom versions are available for employees, School of Business students and those who have specialized business software.


SkyPrint is ESU's print management system for students.  In conjunction with Papercut software, SkyPrint allows students to submit jobs from any device with a web browser and pick it up from one of the conveniently placed release stations across campus.​


SkyBox is your place for your team, department or workgroup to store files, calendars, lists, forms, applications, resumes and more--all availble through a web browser or your computer's file explorer.  At it's core, SkyBox uses the web-based versions of Microsoft Office for quick editing and devices without the full version of Microsoft Office.​

​SkySign and HornetTV

SkySign is the foundation for our digital signage system.  Combined with software services from FourWinds Interactive, the SkySign hardware ranges from interactive kiosks to large flat screen displays across campus.  More importantly, the content--called HornetTV delivers a wide-range of information, promotional and interactive elements to these signs and beyond.​

​SkyViews and SkyStations

SkyViews and SkyStations are hardware built on and built to support the various Sky services, including SkyLab and HornetTV.  From a 42-70" display to inexpensive kiosk-style computers, these hardware models have been specially designed to work and integrate with Sky and other University services, including video conferencing with Zoom.  You'll find them in public spaces, offices, and conference rooms.​


TechSite includes all of your functional IT services--from information about distribution lists to one-click installers for network printers.  If it's technical, you can probably find it here.​


myIT is your first stop for online technical support.  From instruction guides to FAQ's and videos, this is a highly developed collection of IT resources and available 24/7.​

​SkyApps and other functional sites

SkyApps are sites or web-based tools built using Sky and SharePoint technology.  Examples include a specialized purchase order app for Memorial Union and a download and informational site for Read & Write software.

​Forms Server

The Forms Server brings all university business forms together in one place.  Whether its InfoPath, OnBase, or native forms in Sky, we want Forms Server to be your only stop for business-related forms.  Those targeted at students, external users or special use cases would still reside in other locations.