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​Getting started

1. What you'll need

- The appropriate permissions

You'll need to make sure you have all the appropriate permissions to get access to the packages, and pages you'll need to use in order to maintain Hornet TV. Speak to the appropriate authorites and make sure they have granted you these permissions.

- Sharepoint Designer 2013

You'll need Sharepoint Designer to be able to access the bulk of the code you'll need to edit to the main page for Hornet TV. Sharepoint Designer can be found on Microsoft here. Just download the appropriate package for your system, follow the onscreen instructions and you should be good to go.

- PhotoShop

Photoshop is what you'll be using to edit the photos for reasons you'll learn about later on. Photoshop is a bit more tricky. To get it, make sure you are on a computer connected to the ESU Network (preferably by hardwire).

- In your computer, open up your file explorer, and in the address bar type in \\turtle\adobe.
- Go to the folder for Windows (Sharepoint Designer is only going to be available for Windows), then to the Web and Design folder, and COPY the Build folder to your Desktop.
- In the build folder there is an executable for the setup, just run that and Photoshop will do its thing.

- Additional

It may help to do a bit of reading up on some HTML and CSS just to help with some basic concepts. This will then help if you need to add or edit some custom html, or simply maintain the current html structures.

2. Adding a channel