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HornetTV is your immersive, social engagement experience bringing the
digital pulse of Emporia State University to any screen—from the huge TV’s across campus right down to your smartphone

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About HornetTV

What is HornetTV?

Think of all the screens you see throughout the day. Your computer. Your TV. Your smartphone. HornetTV bring all of those together and showcases the digital pulse of Emporia State University. From the incredible digital signs across campus, to interactive kiosks and even your own smartphone, you can access HornetTV from almost anywhere. HornetTV is made up of individual channels managed by each digital sign owner (usually an ESU department) and the main, university-wide channel, appropriately called Campus Channel. More info

Posting to HornetTV

That’s an easy one. Submit it to us by clicking the link on this page. There are a few ground rules about the type of content, size, etc., but the most important one is that it needs to be about ESU, an ESU sponsored event or other activity. If your department has their own channel, you can work with your department’s sign owner to publish content that will just appear on that one sign. Otherwise, your content will appear on the main Campus Channel. More info

Displaying HornetTV

For University departments, HornetTV is best displayed on the large format TV’s and interactive touch displays across campus. There is also an option to include HornetTV on kiosks and non-interactive displays called Streamers. But most importantly, for those on the go or not able to get to one of the displays, you can get all HornetTV content on your computer, tablet or smartphone. More info