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SkyPrint is an easy-to-use printing solution for students, employees, and campus visitors that can be found in many convientent locations across the Emporia State University campus. You can now print from ESU computers AND your personal devices in 3 Easy Steps:

  • Step 1: Upload Your Print Job to SkyPrint
  • Step 2: Locate a SkyPrint Station on Campus
  • Step 3: Log into the SkyPrint release station, select and release your job!
  • ESU Students! All Emporia State University Student SkyPrint accounts are automatically credited $8.00 at the beginning of EACH semester. That is the equivalent of about 100 FREE single-sided pages (or 200 pages if you duplex your print jobs).
  • SkyPrint costs $0.08 per sheet of paper. Please note that this is per sheet of paper and not per print. That means you can get more bang for your buck if you duplex (print front-and-back) your print jobs!
  • Need more than $8.00 per semester? That's OK! You can easily add funds to your SkyPrint account using either the online payment transfer method (when logged into the SkyPrint services) SkyPrint or by visiting the Memorial Union ID Office, or the William Allen White Library Reference Desk.
SkyPrintColorSkyPrint Color 
  • SkyPrint Color costs $0.32 per sheet of paper. There is a SkyPrint Color kiosk located on the first floor of Cremer Hall directly to the left of the main entrance on the east side. Please note that this printer does not duplex print. This means you can not print double-sided.


SkyPrint Top 10 


How do I use SkyPrint?

ESU Students

You can print from ESU computers in open computing labs, our library locations, or from HornetStation kiosks located across campus, such as the Memorial Union.

Students can print to SkyPrint locations from any of the student-access computers on campus or from a personal device (when connected to the Internet). Check out these short video tutorials and instructional documents on how to use SkyPrint:


Sharing SkyPrint Credits

Students can now share SkyPrint Credits with other students!  The following describes how the feature works:

  • SkyPrint Credits are shared from the initial $8 (or 100 copies) provided each semester.  Students cannot share from additional funds they add themselves.
  • To share credits, go to the SkyPrint website, and click SkyPrint.  Upon logging in, there is a new section called "Transfers".  Full step-by-step instructions are available here​.
  • Students will need to know the userid (ex. chornet) of the student they wish to share credits with.  Once the credits have been shared, the recipient will see the additions both from the SkyPrint website and from the release station itself.

  • The minimum amount that can be shared is 1 cent.

Campus Visitors

SkyPrint services are currently un-available to visitors to the Emporia State University campus. Please check back for more information as it becomes available.

More Information


Employees may print to any of the SkyPrint stations from any of the student-access computers on campus or from a personal device.  However, unlike students, employees are NOT have funds automatically credited to their SkyPrint account, each semester.  Employees will need to add funds to their account prior to printing and releasing print jobs from SkyPrint stations. 

Exception: Employees who are also taking Fall 2013 courses at ESU WILL have $8.00 credited to their SkyPrint account at the beginning of the Fall 2013 semester.

Please Note: SkyPrint has no relation to campus departmantal office printing.


ESU Departments

Interested in a SkyPrint Station for one of your learning spaces or labs? Contact the IT Help Desk to get the conversation started!








SkyPrint Locations on Campus